Oxygen Sensor Testers

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Oxygen Sensor Tester

Oxygen Sensor Tester

An oxygen sensor tester is a small hand held electronic device that tests if an Oxygen Sensor is operating as it should.

We have the easiest to use and best Oxygen Sensor Tester available the ST-05

Simply hook up the leads to the oxygen sensor and have an instant test if the sensor has failed or is not working correctly.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is an Oxygen Sensor tester ?

What is an Oxygen Sensor tester ?

Specifically it tests the responsiveness of an Oxygen Sensor and ascertains if the sensor has the ability to ‘react’ and adjust it’s voltage as it should.

Who would use one?

They are predominantly used by mechanical technicians in professional automotive workshops.

How does an Oxygen Sensor Tester work?

They connect to the Oxygen Sensor wires with connecting clips, the type of sensor is selected with the buttons on the unit and the quick test is carried out. This involves what is termed a ‘snap test’ this requires the engine to be running and while in neutral the throttle is very quickly opened to full and closed again. A correctly working Oxygen Sensor should recognise this throttle position change very quickly and adjust its signal to suit. An Oxygen Sensor tester measures the speed of the response of the sensor and gives it an appropriate pass or fail result.

Why test an Oxygen Sensor?

Oxygen Sensors play an important role in the efficient running of a vehicle’s engine. If an Oxygen Sensor has failed a vehicle will have higher emissions, use more fuel and be wearing out certain mechanical components quicker. Or an Oxygen Sensor could be lazy, meaning it is slow to respond and doesn’t have the reaction time that it should to properly perform its job (ascertained by the ‘snap test’ –see above-) and this will lead to the same issues.

Is it common for an Oxygen Sensor to fail?

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