Diesel Purifiers

What is a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and What does it do?

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, DOC, scrubber, purifier, catalytic converter, all refer to the same product. A diesel oxidation catalyst is a coated substrate that when exhaust passes through, converts harmful compounds found in exhaust into safe components.

The Clean Air Company markets the diesel oxidation catalyst in both a purifier, the AZ Purifier and a muffler configuration, the AZ Purimuffler™.

What are the harmful compounds ?

The harmful elements of exhaust are both gaseous and solid in form. There are also components of exhaust that are not harmful. Below is a list of the major harmful components as well as the harmless components that are involved in the basic chemical reaction of exhaust passing through an AZ Purifier or Purimuffler.

The solid elements include:
SOF:Soluble Organic Fraction (absorbed)

The gaseous elements include:
CO: Carbon Monoxide
CO2:Carbon Dioxide
THC:Total Hydrocarbons
The liquid elements include:
H2O:Water (as vapour)

Why use an AZ Purifier™ or Purimuffler™?

AZ Purifiers and Purimufflers reduce the chance of carbon monoxide build up in enclosed work environments. They also reduce the diesel odour by reducing hydrocarbons and the soluble organics of the emitted particulate. The high SOF exhaust will result in higher TPM reductions and should decrease opacity. AZ Purifiers and Purimufflers can reduce the exposure to known diesel toxins and reduce associated health risks.

AZ products work with almost all fuel types. The catalyst will work best on lower sulphur fuels (less than 50ppm sulphur) but will also tolerate higher fuel sulphur contents (between 50 ad 500ppm sulphur). AZ products can also be used with biodiesel as well as emulsified diesel fuels.

Engine Control Systems AZ product line

The Clean Air Company AZ products consist of a Corning LFA 300 cell ceramic monolith coated with an advanced precious metal based catalyst and packaged into a stainless steel housing. The AZ family of products oxidize carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) to form harmless carbon dioxide and water. The Clean Air Company AZ products will also reduce the total particulate emissions by typically 25%-40% by oxidizing the soluble organic fraction of the particulate.

The AZ catalyst offers a unique zeolite containing washcoat that allows for the adsorption of PM at lower exhaust temperatures until sufficient temperature for oxidation is achieved. The superior low temperature performance of the AZ catalyst is beneficial in applications where installation 2 to 6 feet from the engine is required. Temperatures as low as 215 deg C are required for chemical reactivity.
AZ products do not increase toxic NOX. Unwanted chemical reactions are prevented by catalyst and washcoat formulation chemistry.

Crankcase Ventilation Filter System™

The CCV Crankcase ventilation Filter Systems offer an effective solution to reduce crankcase emissions. The Racor CCV system removes crankcase emissions, providing protection for your engine and the environment.

•Keeps engine compartments and components clean
•Prevents clogging of engine intakes, turbochargers and intercoolers
•Improves reliability and of diesel engines
•More efficient than other products available on the market
•Reduces environmental pollution from crankcase emissions
•“Green” element is completely burnable and crushable
•Reduces smoke and odour in the immediate environment
•Installed as original equipment by manufacturers worldwide

AZ Heavy Duty Purifiers™

AZ Heavy Duty Purifiers consist of a removable catalyst centre body and separate inlet and outlet cones to allow easy incorporation into a variety of exhaust pipe sizes. They are combined using machined flanges and sealing gaskets held together with quick release v-band clamps.
The AZ Heavy Duty Purifier is ideal in applications where catalyst removal is required to allow vehicle or engine maintenance, as well as engine-out smoke measurements:
•Urban buses
•School buses
•Highway trucks

The AZ Purifier is also ideal for applications where there is insufficient room for the installation of an integrated converter muffler. The AZ HD Purifier can also be combined with DMS and DMXS-II add-on silencers

AZ Heavy Duty Purimufflers™

Often purifiers cannot be used due to space restrictions or exhaust backpressure limitations. For these applications, The Clean Air Company offers a wide variety of integrated catalytic mufflers. AZ Heavy Duty Purimufflers offer extremely rugged construction with equivalent or better noise attenuation and low exhaust backpressure.

Severe Duty AZ Purifiers and Purimufflers

Often Heavy Duty is not enough, Severe Duty AZ Purifiers and Severe Duty AZ Purimuffler designs are ideal for demanding applications in:

•Mining and tunnelling
•Earth moving and construction
•Power generation and heavy industrial applications

The Severe Duty AZ family integrates the AZ catalyst into an insulated double wall, heavy 14 and 16 gauge, 304 series stainless steel design. The Purimuffler option combines these features with catalytic muffler that affords 12-15 dB(A) sound attenuation and low exhaust backpressures (typically less than 20” of water).

The insulated skin serves to maximize catalyst performance while reducing external skin temperatures. This results in reduced heat radiation which can be beneficial on equipment with electronically controlled engines, hydraulic lines, or operators and other workers in close proximity. AZ Severe Duty Purifiers and Purimufflers are available with slip fit or flanged inlet / outlets.

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